Generally, a person does not participate in a home purchase or a home sale every day. As Real Estate Professionals, we do! Before ever putting your home on the market, we want to ensure you know what to expect. Therefore, the first step in our Seller Plan is a comprehensive discussion about the selling process. Even if you have sold a home many times before, the contract, forms, inspection guidelines and disclosure requirements have probably changed.

Knowing what to expect will help make the selling process a less intimidating venture!


Pricing is one of the most critical components of the marketing plan and the area in which a well trained and experienced real estate professional can provide tremendous value.

CENTURY 21 Towne & Country employs a multi-step approach in determining a suggested list price range for your home. This includes a careful review of recent real estate activity within your neighborhood, or wider competitive set, including homes that Sold or listings that were Cancelled or Expired. It also includes a personal visit to those homes considered to be your strongest competition.

Your home is just one of many that a buyer will be evaluating. Being familiar with the competition helps us to develop a pricing strategy that will help ensure a successful sale.

Getting Ready to Sell

Getting your home ready to sell generally involves more than just giving it a good cleaning. The first step is to evaluate your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. CENTURY 21 Towne & Country will assist you in performing a thorough review of the interior and exterior of your home and provide tips that will help make your home more inviting and attractive to potential buyers.

These tips may include things like:

  • Removing or Rearranging Furniture
  • Adding Furniture to Vacant Homes or Empty Rooms
  • Painting Rooms That Have Bold Colors
  • Simplifying the Contents of Drawers and Closets
  • Increasing Lighting
  • Making Minor Repairs
  • "De-Personalizing" the Home

Because many sellers can become overwhelmed with this initial stage of the process, CENTURY 21 Towne & Country is ready to provide you with resources and service providers that can assist you with completing many of these tasks.

When your house is ready to market, CENTURY 21 Towne & Country will:


CENTURY 21 Towne & Country is known and recognized for innovative marketing programs and advertising campaigns across a variety of mediums. These programs are designed to drive customers to you.


2007 will continue with strong primetime presence across all of the major networks, including: ABC, NBC, and CBS. This includes presence during some of the most popular programs that appeal across the CENTURY 21 demographics. Our presence on television ranges over an 8-month period, beginning on February 19th. In addition to primetime network television programming, the plan includes strong presence on high profile cable networks and syndicated programs.


This means that your home will be advertised across multiple mediums and will include:

  • A Detailed & Compelling Property Description
  • Multiple Color Photos
  • E-mailed to thousands of other Real Estate Agents
  • Virtual Tours
  • Color Property Flyers
  • Just Listed Postcards
  • The Real Estate Book
  • Radio Advertising on 1310 KXAM
  • Luxury Limo Tours
  • Special Promotions


Marketing a house means more than just listing it in the MLS. Today, most savvy home buyers are using the internet to begin their home search.

According to the 2006 National Associations of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers:

  • 77% of Home Buyers Use the Internet as Part of Their Home Search
  • 24% of Home Buyers Identified the Internet as the Place They
    First Learned About the Home They Purchased.

A good marketing plan will include an internet component and elements that will make your property shine among the competition. CENTURY 21 Towne & Country does not just list your home, we showcase it!

In addition to the MLS, CENTURY 21 Towne & Country will feature your home on the following websites:

  • Yahoo Real Estate
  • Google Real Estate
  • The Wall Street Journal Online

All of these elements ensure that your home will stand out among the rest.

Agent Networking

The majority of home buyers elect to have the professional representation of a Buyer’s Agent. CENTURY 21 Towne & Country actively seeks ways to expose your home to those agents working with buyers.

Some of the ways we may use to expose your home to Buyer’s Agents are:

  • E-Mail Property Flyers
  • Direct Mail
  • Personal Phone Calls or E-Mails to Our Agent Network
  • Area Home Marketing Tours

Proactive Follow Up on All Property Showings

A member of the our team will follow up with each agent who shows your property. "Showing" feedback provides us with valuable information on how real buyers are reacting to your property. Based on that feedback, we can evaluate whether modifications to the existing pricing or marketing strategy are needed.

You will be provided with a written Feedback Report on a routine basis, but can expect immediate feedback on each showing as soon as we receive it.

Ongoing Communication

In addition to receiving ongoing "showing" feedback, you may also expect to be kept updated on information that may impact your home sale. This includes:

  • Overall Market Trends
  • New Homes That Come on the Market (Client Gateway)
  • Price Changes
  • Sales of Competitive Listings
    We will also set up your own Transaction Website to keep you informed every step of the way.

The Contract & Closing
Once you receive an offer on your home, we will help you evaluate its merits and advise you of potential ambiguities or "loopholes" that could be contract issues. It is easy to focus solely on getting "the price", but the terms of the contract are equally important. These terms include things like: close date, down payment, proposed buyer financing, pre-possession, post-possession, and seller paid closing costs. CENTURY 21 Towne & Country will assist you in evaluating the strengths and weakness of these terms and if necessary, we will prepare and negotiate a counter offer.

Once the contract is accepted, CENTURY 21 Towne & Country continues to represent your interests. Following, are some of the things we do during the escrow period to help you get your home closed with the least amount of stress:

  • Obtain Written Loan Status Reports
  • Prepare Comparative Market Analysis for Property Appraiser
  • Attend the Home Inspections
  • Ensure Sellers Make All Required Disclosures in a Timely Manner
  • Review the Preliminary Title Report With Seller
  • Present, Review and Negotiate the Buyer Request for Repairs
  • Ensure Sellers Fulfills All of Their Contractual Obligations Within the Proper Timeframes
  • Guide Seller in Planning the Moving Process
  • Facilitate Final Walk-Through
  • Attend Seller "Signing"
  • Monitor Lending Funding Schedule, Buyer Signing and Recordation
  • Ensure Seller Proceeds are Promptly Disbursed

Our Mission is to demonstrate unparalleled customer service and extraordinary commitment to those we serve in the Real Estate industry. This commitment, combined with our comprehensive marketing plan, is sure to make Selling with CENTURY 21 Towne & Country the right choice.

If You Would Like a Free Initial Consultation to Discuss the Marketing and Sale of Your Home With One Of Our Real Estate Consultants, Please Contact CENTURY 21 Towne & Country Today at (480) 355-1400.

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